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icon Global Tournament Moderator
Global Tournament Moderator screenshot
Developer: Alexandr Kostro aka DaRK`X`LOrD [1]
Latest version: v1.3 / 25 October, 2011
Supported games: All games
Language: ENG, VB (.NET 3.5)
License: Freeware, Closed source
Download: (4,80 МБ)

Global Tournament Moderator

This version of the program "Global Tournament Moderator" (GTM) carries out a toss-up by a principle of equality of all participants. The algorithm of the program GUARANTEES absolutely reliable and impartial realisation of a toss-up of tournament. In the given version intended for fast tournaments, possibility of record and loading of tournament in order to avoid jugglings is off.


GTM possesses absolute flexibility in respect of quantity of players on tournament. Their quantity can be any from 4 to 32. In case in any round the quantity of players will be odd one of players will be (in a random way marked and will pass in the following round without game (free round). However, does not cause doubts, that 8, 16 or 32 participants will be the best choice for tournaments.

The program does not impose any restrictions to a moderator of tournament which has the right to mark or not to mark as won any player. This option is entered on a case of absence of players and etc. However, it will be impossible to allocate as winners of both players from pair.

GTM supposes a final round from two or three players as it usually practises on Worms Olympic.

GTM whenever possible does not reduce with each other players who have not been marked in the first screen by a tag (can host). However, if the quantity of players which cannot create host, exceeds quantity possible host players GTM tries to reduce to a minimum quantity of such pairs and warns a tournament moderator about it.

GTM allows pressing a name of the first player in pair to copy names of this pair in a clipboard for the subsequent insert in a game chat. Thus, the tournament moderator enters player names only once - in starting window GTM.

By pressing the button "Print Tournament" the program save an image of a window of tournament in a file on desktop Windows in file GTM_Tournament.png. The option with the "water" inscriptions rather complicating possibility of editing kept png of a file (in the graphic editor) unfair moderators is Thus realised.

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