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Fórum warBR
Fórum warBR screenshot
Creator: xSupervisoRx
Creation date: January 2009
Link: http://www.warbr.com

Fórum warBR is a brazilian misceclaneous worms site, created by xSupervisoRx and TheIago. warBR have a medium community with large content in portuguese language. Actually, warBR team is developping a brazilian WA ladder (like TUS dedicated for brazilians players) called warBR League.

The site was revamped visuals taking the blue and gray as its official colors. The main symbol - "W" - Custom capitalized, is present in most of its sites and services.

warBR history

Founded under the name "WA Brazil," the warBR began modestly hosted on Forumotion. Due to a site with similar name was renamed to "W-Arena" where the name acronym means "Worms Arena. Even with other sites in Portuguese, like the epic "Worms Brazil," W-Arena won an important place in the scenario Worms Brazil is consolidating as an option to support the game in the country, including the scene of national championships.

Seeing the growth of the community, the administrator TheSupervisor decided it was time to buy your own domain for the site. Unfortunately the name W-Arena was not available as domain, which forced the team then rename W-Arena community. The name was chosen warBR - Worms Arena Brazil, an acronym for the old name so that was not lost the character of the site to support and thirst for championships in Brazil.

The success of the domain proportions warbr.com was so great that the team warBR decided it was time to make a professional webhosting for the forum. He then migrated to the CMS Simple Machines Forum (SMF). Recently, the site Worms Brazil became inactive and warBR turned the site of native support in Brazil. Things did not stop there, and the team wins the position warBR Support recommended by Team17 for Portuguese and Brazilian players.

Currently, We are updating uoy community for the lastest conditions of the game.

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