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When selected, the Eagle sits on the worms head, ready for launch. When it is launched, the Eagle effectively becomes a 'controllable pigeon', responding to commands from the arrow keys. Unlike the Super Sheep, the Eagle is easy to control, as each arrow key corresponds to the direction it moves, rather than 'turning'.

The Eagle has a unique ability. It can, at the push of a button (namely the Space Bar), pick up any object on the terrain when in the right position, be it worm, barrel, crate or mine. The object in the Eagle's grip can then be ferried around the landscape and dropped in the same way.

The Eagle eventually explodes when its time limit runs out, but does not explode on contact with land as the Super Sheep does.

Programming the Eagle to be controlled in this way should be a piece of cake, but getting it to 'pick up' objects and drop them elsewhere might take a bit of ingenuity.

No doubt this weapon will be frequently abused for the purpose of moving an enemy worm directly to water for an easy kill. An alternative, to avoid this problem, is to prevent the Eagle picking up worms, or restrict it to picking up only worms on your own team.

Can't harm to add another animal weapon to the list. May be a lot like the pigeon, but the way in which it is used makes it unique.

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