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Developer: Etho
Latest version: v1.07 (2005?)
Supported games: WWP

CutWorm [1]is a multifunctional program for WormNet2 created with the intent of increasing the overall online enjoyment of Worms World Party players. The coding of the program actually began sometime in 2003, but nothing was done to it for a long time. In 2005, work on the program resumed. A pre-release v1.07 of the program was publicly released when the creator's WWP CD finally wore out on him, thereby halting the program's production. In 2006, the program reached a new level when his programming skills and level of creativity reached a peak. Another, much more complete, public pre-release of the program is planned in the near future.

CutWorm is an external hack program for WWP and WormNet2. It has many beneficial functions such as:

  • Allowing players to keep in touch with each other better. (snooper, ingame PM's, dynamic away messages, player logs, etc.)
  • Helping players to configure their internet settings so that they can host games. (information, automatic external IP finder, address overide, etc.)
  • Allowing players to exchange worms related files with each other. (download prompt feature)
  • Playing color maps with additional settings offline, over LAN, and over WormNet2 with fellow CutWorm users.

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