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This page is written in an allegedly humorous style which is not in keeping with the encyclopaedic nature of the rest of this site. It is retained for historical interest, but should not be used as an example for the creation of new pages.

CrappyCr8s is the proto-shopper scheme invented by CheechLizard in 1999/2000 for Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon. No one plays this because no one else enjoys 'fun'.


Rope shopping existed in Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon from the very early days, it wasn't called rope shopping it was called Roping because that was the scheme that was used. The original WA rope scheme was 20-45 second turns, all weapons in crates, no rules.
Over time the scheme was refined, the weapon crates were removed and the KTL, CBA and AFR rules added.

CheechLizard grew bored of this after a while and buggered off to Worms 2 where there was more variety in the rope scheme, if you tried playing a roper on WA with non-standard settings then people would flip out.
Here Cheech began messing around with the scheme settings, removing all weapons that could not be dropped from the rope, lowering the turn time to 12 seconds, LOTS OF MINES, changing the power settings and adding booby trapped crates. Because most of the time you got moles and drills or the crate exploded the scheme was called CrappyCr8s.

When Cheech returned to WA he brought the scheme along and it became a regular late night fun scheme along with SheepBnG.
Not long after Cheech noticed shopper games popping up and after investigating found that some newbie had not only ripped him off and screwed up his scheme but also added tigers and clowns to the maps.

The Rules

CrappyCr8s rules are simple and complicated and all of them are unspoken.
KTL - It's sporting conduct and it balances the game. However if you take offense toward someone then you are free to kick their asses back to Egypt. The downside to this is that the other players in the game might not agree with you and decide that it should be your ass that gets panelled.
COW - IF you mention the C word I will personally mash you in to a fine red paste.
Populartity and comedy overide all rules.


CrappyCr8s is to be played on classic 2 or 3 island maps or something with Hello Kitty on it and has to be covered with mines.
Anything with a tiger or a clown or power rangers on it is frowned upon with extreme prejudice.


CrappyCr8s generally gets a mixed reception, the shoppers find it too hard and get annihilated and the so called pro ropers rage about the lack of rules and water drops, assume it's a newbie game because of it's simple appearance and then get spanked so hard by Spectre.
Occasionally someone might recognise 'fun' and enjoy themselves for 10 minutes. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself wether or not watching someone rope really fast to pick up their crate only to have it explode in their stupid face and be thrown across the map into a pile of mines is something that you might enjoy.

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