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Boggy B is an elite military soldier, mascot of Team17, and a well-known character from the Worms series, first appearing in the very first Worms game. He is technically the primary protagonist of the series, and his name even appears sometimes in each game, randomly as one of the automated Worm names while you create your own team. Spadge, another elite soldier and the series' likely deuteragonist, is Boggy B's best friend, or possibly his brother. Boggy B also has a nephew named Clagnut, another skilled Worm Soldier, and a younger sister named Suzette. Boggy B is known to be one of the greatest and perhaps most powerful Worm Soldiers of all time.



Boggy B's most major appearances are in the Wormsongs - Worms theme songs that have narrated stories about Boggy B's battles a long time ago. His first major appearance is in Wormsong 1995 (the original Wormsong), where Spadge was shot down and killed by an enemy Worm, and Boggy B got revenge by killing the enemy leader with a Dynamite. Also, according to the original Wormsong and Wormsong 2011, Boggy B's father, a "soldier subscripted to the military draft", has left him when he was 2 years old and has never returned, although he has appeared for the first time in Wormsong 2011. In Wormsong 2003 (the main theme of Worms 3D, played during the credits), Boggy B has fought alongside Clagnut, Boggy's nephew, during another war and was victorious. However, Clagnut is also Spadge's son. This could mean Boggy B and Spadge are brothers, although Spadge may have adopted Clagnut, or Spadge could be Boggy B's adoptive brother or vice-versa. It wouldn't really make much sense for Boggy B and Spadge to be actual brothers if the original Wormsong's narrator describes Spadge as Boggy B's "best friend". According to Wormsong 1999 (Worms Armageddon's title theme), Boggy B was killed by a device thrown by his unnamed friend. He may still be alive, however, but this is unlikely. So far, Boggy B was victorious in all of his wars, except for Wormsong 1999, due to his supposed death.


  • Boggy B appears with Spadge in the default "Team 17" team in the first game, and again as "10BOB Boggy" in Worms & Reinforcements United.
  • Boggy B has made several cameo appearances in the series. However, in Worms Reinforcements, Boggy B and Spadge were enemy Worms in the "Failed Popsters!" mission, in Challenge Mode. This is the first time they were ever depicted as villains in the series. According to the Challenge's description, they have both committed "musical crimes" (referring to the original Wormsong).
    • Also, it appears Spadge has survived after the events of the first Wormsong. But it also seems that the Wormsong was merely an act/fictional story or just a normal musical piece, and has never actually happened. This cannot be made certain, however.
  • Some people believe that Boggy B is evil, since most of the other characters in the series that have "Boggy" in their names are villains in the Story Mode of some games, and since Boggy B and Spadge were enemy Worms in the "Failed Popsters!" mission of Challenge Mode in Worms Reinforcements. People also believe that Boggy B is the one who started the never-ending war between the Worms. It is unknown if this is true.
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