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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Demonstration
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The Alien glitch.
A worm surviving from the fall damage due to the alien glitch

The "Alien" glitch occurs when a worm horizontally hitting a wall at a nearly vertical angle steeper than 87.138° (slope=20) and a vertical speed past the fall damage threshold will stop and twang as if it hit the ground, but will then continue to fall. If the worm fell from a rope dismount, it will not lose control of its turn. Note that this glitch resets the Fall Damage, this means that it can save a worm from the death if it does not fall too much after the glitch, or it can receive less damage than expected, since the Fall Damage will start to be applied only after the worm reach a certain speed right after the glitch.

W:A Beta versions since log instances of the "alien" glitch (with the "Export Log" feature).

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