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This is a web version of the Worms: The Director's Cut ReadMe file. The ReadMe is found on both the v1.00 and v1.05 disk 1 with no modifications or changes.


                       __    ___=\ ___  _  _    ___ 
                       \ \/\/ /  \|  _// \/ \ _/ _/
                        \_/\_/\__/|_| /_/\/\_\\_/  

                       ---- THE DIRECTOR'S CUT ----

                Copyright © 1995-1997 Team 17 Software Ltd.

After A LOT of late nights/early mornings, it's finally done!! =)

The aim of Worms DC was to give the Amiga the best version of Worms 1 possible,
a sort of Worms 1.5 ... 

Because of some last-minute problems, it wasn't possible to include
cdrom-support in time for release - this will be added in a freely-available
patch.  Until then you can still use the custom levels+mountain sets from
CUCD7 by copying them into the relevant directories in the WORMSDC drawer on
your hard drive.

Thanks to Chris Pritchard for doing the WormPrefs GUI in a VERY short space of
time.  If anyone wants to take over the development of WormPrefs - the aim
in the end is to have a program which manages the worms, teams and options, as
well as handling level creation+editing - then email me.

Disk 3 contains an archive - examples.lha - with some example IFFs of what to
feed WormPrefs to create landscape+mountain sets.

If you are running off floppy then you may want to delete some of the teams to
free up some space.  Also, if you are going to be doing a lot of graffiti
levels you should format a blank disk and save them to that instead of Disk 3.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering about how you gain access to all the
special/secret weapons, then you better start thinking of some stuff to type
in on the title screen ... who knows, you might find a hidden mode or 5
as well ... =)

Keep on worming ...

__    ___=\ ___  _  _    ___ | Andy Davidson      | It was a fish,         |
\ \/\/ /  \|  _// \/ \ _/ _/ | Mad? Possibly      | but with a yellow,     |
 \_/\_/\__/|_| /_/\/\_\\_/   | theworm@team17.com | banana-like colouring  |
Worms has been brought to you today by the letters A+D, and by the number 17


  • The ReadMe was written by Andy Davidson.
  • Andy notes that the content included in CUCD7 is not supported by the retail release of the game. While a patch disk was released (v1.05) this only served to fix bugs and did not include support for the CD-ROM content.
  • Chris Pritchard is named as the coder of WormPrefs.
  • The cheat codes are alluded to.
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