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The teleport is the ultimate in worm movement utilities. There isn't anywhere a worm armed with a teleport cannot go, as it allows the worm to move instantly into any empty space that it can fit into. Unfortunately, it also causes the worm to end it's turn, unlike the other movement utilities.

Basic Facts

Weapon select code F8 x 4
Type Movement utility
Damage None


  • The teleport is best used when your worm is in serious trouble in his current location and it's not worthwhile using another utility to escape (or you don't have one). It's especially useful during sudden death if your worm is trapped and the water is rising right next to him.
  • There is no range limit on the teleport, so you can move from one end of a large map to the other in a single mouse press. It's very easy to use.
  • If you have a worm with very low health, you can teleport high into the air above an enemy worm and kill your worm with the fall damage, allowing you to hurt the enemy when your worm explodes. This is very useful during the one health sudden death mode and you have more worms than your opponent.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Using the teleport ends your turn, so you can't attack or set up a defensive Girder after moving your worm. This usually leaves you open to attack before your next turn.
  • Similarly, all of the other movement utilities will allow you to attack and retreat, so teleports are usually only used in desperate situations.


  • Teleporting directly on top of land, so the worm doesn't fall, allows you to jump after the teleport completes / before your turn ends. Simply hold one of the jump keys while the teleport animation plays.
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