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Depending on the scheme, stockpiling can be on (crescent), anti (decrescent), or off. Unlimited weapons are never lost or earned by stockpiling.

Stockpiling modes

  • Stockpiling off, Your ammo is restocked each round but any items remanining from the last round are lost. I.e. using or collecting weapons during a round will have no effect on your arsenal for the next round.
  • Stockpiling on, Recieve new ammo stocks on each round and keep remaining items from the previous round. I.e. by saving ammo you will have more for the next round.
  • Stockpiling anti, You only get one set of ammo and it has to last the entire match! The scheme One of Everything acts as a good example for this mode.

This article has a to-do list:
  • add strategy tips for the on and anti modes
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