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Filename Transcription Notes
Amazing Un coup tout à fait épatant "Quite an amazing shot/hit"
Boring Rasant "Boring" or "dull"
Brilliant Splendide "Gorgeous"
Bummer Oh, pas d'bol "That was bad luck" would be the closest meaning. Literally "You don't have a bowl", where "bowl" is a metaphor for the arse, and the arse often happens in luck-related expressions.
ByeBye Salut Can be used for "Hello" or "Goodbye", in this case the latter.
Collect Oh oui "Oh yes!"
ComeOnThen Magne-toi "Hurry up", "se magner" derives from "se manier" = "set oneself in motion"
Coward Trouillard "Yellow belly", "Trouille" meaning "Intense fear"
DragonPunch Prends ça "Take that!"
Drop Hé, des renforts "Hey, reinforcements"
Excellent Excellent "Excellent"
Fatality T'es mort "You're dead"
Fire Feu "Fire"
FireBall Attrape ça "Catch that!"
FirstBlood Et à moi "And now it is my turn..."
Flawless Victoire totale "Total victory"
GoAway Dégage "Get out of there!", very rude expression. Derives from "Engage".
Grenade Au s'cours "Help", contraction of "Au secours", literally "(someone please come) at (someone else's) rescue"
Hello Ohé
Hurry Vite "Quick"
IllGetYou Je t'aurai "I'll get you", litterally "I will have/own you"
Incoming Ennemi à douze heures "Enemy straight ahead", using clock faces to tell the direction, "12 heures":"12 o'clock" is straight ahead.
JustYouWait Je te ferai la peau "I will kill you", literally "I will have your skin done" meaning "I will tan your skin to leather"
Kamikaze Tora tora tora The title of an 1970 epic war film that dramatizes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
LeaveMeAlone Laisse-moi tranquille "Leave me alone"
Missed Raté "Missed"
OhDear Oh la la
OiNutter Oh, t'es dingue ? "Oh, are you crazy?"
Ow1 Aïe
Ow2 Aïe
Ow3 Ouille
Oops Zut
Orders Alerte "Alert"
Ouch Aïe
Perfect Sensationnel "Sensational"
Revenge Vengeance "Revenge"
RunAway Sauve-qui-peut "Run for your life", litterally "Whoever can help, please do"
Stupid Imbécile "Imbecile"
TakeCover Aux abris "Take cover", literally "To the shelters"
Traitor Traître "Traitor"
Uh-oh Oh ho
Victory Victoire "Victory"
WatchThis Meurs "Die"
WhatThe Planquez-vous "Hide, everyone"
YesSir À vos ordres "At your service"
YoullRegretThat Tu vas le regretter "You will regret that"

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