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Online Worms icon  Online Worms
Online Worms login screen
Developer: Wizgate
Publishers: Wizgate (2001-'06?)
Release dates: 2001 (South Korea)
Latest version: v2.14
Website: (archived)

Online Worms was a licensed South Korean Worms 2 modification, developed by Mgame Corporation under their former name Wizgate, also serviced in China. Most aspects of the Worms 2 schemes, maps, and user interface were changed, and a constant server connection and Mgame account are required to start it.

Every account had exactly one team it could modify - for local multiplayer, up to three accounts can be logged in at the same time. Each game can choose from a fixed selection of maps and schemes, which were changed by patches. Players were ranked by a set of rings and necklaces.

The game was eventually serviced alongside its successor Worms World Party Aqua.

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