Mission speed strategies (Worms Armageddon)

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Training Disciplines

MissionMedalBronzeBig.png Bronze Medal

To unlock mission 1, you need to complete the Bronze Basic Training.

Grenade Skills Grade 1

Grenade Skills Grade 1

Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills

Bazooka Skills Grade 1

Bazooka Skills Grade 1

MissionMedalSilverBig.png Silver Medal

To unlock mission 13, you need to complete the Silver Basic Training.

MissionMedalGoldBig.png Gold Medal

To unlock mission 24 and the rest of the missions, you need to complete the Gold Basic Training.

Mission 1 - Pumpkin Problems

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

Mission 2 - Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

Mission 3 - All Quiet in the Library

All Quiet in the Library

Mission 4 - Cool as Ice

Cool as Ice

Mission 5 - Do the Locomotion

Do the Locomotion

Mission 6 - Sand in Your Eye

Sand in Your Eye

Mission 7 - Not Mushroom Out There...

Not Mushroom Out There...

Mission 8 - Big Shot

Big Shot

Mission 9 - Water Surprise

Water Surprise

Mission 10 - Jurassic Worm

Jurassic Worm

Mission 11 - Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Mission 12 - No Substitute

No Substitute

Mission 13 - Who left the flood-gates open?

Who Left the Flood-Gates Open?

Mission 14 - Super Sheep to the Rescue!

Super Sheep to the Rescue!

Mission 15 - Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Mission 16 - Trouble on Mount Wormore

Trouble on Mount Wormore

Mission 17 - Chateau Assassin

Chateau Assassin

Mission 18 - Rescue Agent Dennis

Rescue Agent Dennis

Mission 19 - Horny Nuke

Horny Nuke

Mission 20 - Rumble in the Farmyard

Rumble in the Farmyard

Mission 21 - Wooden Ambush

Wooden Ambush

Mission 22 - Go Bananas

Go Bananas

Mission 23 - The Drop Zone

The Drop Zone

Mission 24 - Countdown to Armageddon

Countdown to Armageddon

Mission 25 - Mars Star

Mars Star

Mission 26 - Mad Cows

Mad Cows

Mission 27 - Bazooka on the Rocks

Bazooka on the Rocks

Mission 28 - Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods

Mission 29 - Sinking Icecap

Sinking Icecap

Mission 30 - Aim Long, Aim True

Aim Long, Aim True

Mission 31 - Goody Two-Shoes

Goody Two-Shoes

Mission 32 - Trouble in the Toy Store

Trouble in the Toy Store

Mission 33 - Spectral Recovery

Spectral Recovery


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