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icon Map Theif
Map Theif screenshot
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: v2.0 / 21 February, 2006
Supported games: v2.0 / 21 February, 2006
Language: Visual Basic
License: Closed source
Download: (10 kb)

Map Theif [sic] is a map stealer. It allows users to access the file current.thm which stores the map they last played on with WA or WWP, and saves that map as a separate file. The first public version was written by Annelid and released on 14th August 2002.

Map Theif was made almost obsolete for Worms Armageddon players on 20th February 2004 by version of Worms Armageddon's Beta update, written by Deadcode. This update allowed players to right-click on a Replay file in and click "Extract Map" to extract the map used in the replay. However, if the user left the game before it started (but after he received the map), no replay was saved, thus the Map Theif would be the only way to recover the map in this case.

On 21st February 2006, Annelid released a completely rewritten version of Map Theif, called Map Theif 2, due to popular demand by Worms World Party players, because the previous version was quite buggy.

There are no plans for any future versions.

How it works

WA and WWP store their most-recently-used maps in a file called current.thm, which is located in the %installpath%\Data directory. Map Theif reads current.thm, copies everything from 0x04 onward into a new file, and gives it a file extension based on what the image format seems to be.

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