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Welcome to the Worms Knowledge Base!

This knowledge base is an attempt to gather and organise information about the Worms series of games developed by Team17. Specifically, we focus on the 2D games up to the second generation. That is, all the games from the original Worms up to Worms World Party.

Here we hope to gather information about gameplay and customization of Worms, but also technicalities on how the games work on the inside. We hope you will enjoy reading this wiki, and eventually contribute some!


Information is available on the following games:

Second generation
Worms 2 icon  Worms 2 Worms Armageddon icon  Worms Armageddon Worms World Party icon  Worms World Party
Boxart worms2.jpg Boxart wa.jpg Boxart wwp.jpg
Released in 1997 Released in 1999 Released in 2001
First generation
Worms icon  Worms Worms: The Directors Cut icon  Worms DC
Boxart worms.jpg Boxart wormsdc.jpg
Released in 1995 Released in 1997
Hypothetical sequels
Worms Unlimited
Originally written by Run
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