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HostingBuddy is a WormNET bot developed by Glide, CyberShadow, Byte, and madewokherd. It can be found in #AnythingGoes, and it will host games for you when asked. When you join your game, you will be able to control and customize it using text commands.

HostingBuddy was created in late 2006, however due to a memory corruption bug it was very unstable, and crashed every few hours (and disconnecting players in all games it was hosting). It wasn't until February 2011 that the bug was finally fixed, and HostingBuddy could be considered stable.

HostingBuddy discussion and announcements were originally posted in this forum thread.

HostingBuddy's source code and executable binary data are not publicly available. It is run by its authors as a public service.



As of September 15th 2009, most schemes' maps are selected and downloaded directly from WMDB. Users can load specific maps using the !wmdb command.


HostingBuddy can host games with a great variety of schemes. A full up-to-date list of supported schemes (with some associated settings) can be found here. Additionally, users can save and load scheme settings to the Worms Scheme Database using the wsdb commands, or to using the tusscheme command.

Private Games

HostingBuddy can host private (passworded) games using the phost command. All players must provide a password, including the host. The password entered by the host is what HostingBuddy will use as the game password—when the host joins, any players using a different password than what the host entered will be kicked.


  • All commands are prefixed with !.
  • Use help <command> to get details on a command.
  • Parameters in <angular brackets> are required, those in [square brackets] are optional. | means "or" - A|B means "A or B".
  • Commands sent by the game owner are not visible to other players.


To send HostingBuddy a command in #AnythingGoes, type either /msg HostingBuddy command (preferred) or !command. Users of W:A and newer can also use /hb command.

help [command]
Displays a list of commands, or details for a specific command
host <scheme>
Hosts a new game with the specified scheme
phost <scheme>
Hosts a new private game with the specified scheme
host|phost [scheme] "<gamename>"
Hosts a game with the specified name. Will appear as "YourName's gamename". Scheme defaults to Intermediate.
Closes your game.
Displays a list of default schemes


General commands

help [command]
Displays a list of commands and a short usage summary, or details for a specific command.
shows information about HostingBuddy and its authors.
Starts the game when all players have lit up. If they have not all lit up yet, the game will start automatically when they are.
Use !stop or turn your own light off to cancel automatic start.
If HostingBuddy is lit up, the game will start automatically - this will turn HostingBuddy's light off.
Closes the game - no more players will be able to join.
Reopens the game - allows more players to join.
(alias: open)
Abandons the currently played match in case of a multi-round game, allowing to start a new one.
kick <player name>
Remove the specified player from the game.
(alias: boot)
version <name>
Sets the game version to use. Some have optional shortcut strings.
Valid game versions are:
  • Normal
  • Batty
  • Fast (1.5x speed)
  • Test
  • RacingStuff (Shortcuts: "racing", "rs")
  • BoomRacingStuff (Shortcuts: "boomracing", "boom", "brs")

Team commands

worms [team number] <worm count>
Sets the number of worms.
If a team number is not specified, the count is set for all teams.
colour <team number> <colour>
Sets a team's ally colour (you only need to specify the first letter).
Valid colours are:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Magenta (aliases: Pink)
  • Cyan
(alias: color)
handicap [team number] +|x|-
Sets a team's energy handicap.
If a team number is not specified, the handicap is set for all teams.
remove <team number>
Removes a team.
If a player is being disruptive it will probably be easier to !kick them.

Map/scheme commands

map [texture]
Selects a random map for the current scheme (usually from WMDB), or generates a random landscape.
texture is the texture for generated maps (e.g. "Fruit" or "Cheese").
Selects a random big colour map for the current scheme from WMDB.
type [cavern|island|auto]
Selects whether or not the next PNG map will be an island or a cavern.
  • cavern (map will always be set to cavern)
  • island (map will always be set to island)
  • auto (map type will be read from file; defaults to island)
border [yes|no|auto]
Selects whether or not the next PNG map will have a border or not.
  • yes (map will always have a border)
  • no (map will never have a border)
  • auto (border setting will be read from file; defaults to no border)
water [drop|0-100|auto]
Selects the initial water level of the next PNG map.
  • drop (initial water level will enable water drops)
  • 0-100 (initial water level will be a certain percentage of the map's height)
  • auto (initial water level will be read from file; defaults to lowest possible)
wmdb <map number>
Downloads and sends a map from WMDB.
You must specify the map number (from the URL).
wmdbscheme [map number]
Loads the scheme file attached to the last loaded or specified WMDB map.
wsdb <scheme number>
Downloads and uses a scheme from WSDB.
You must specify the scheme number (from the URL).
wsdb save
Saves the current scheme to WSDB.
tusmap <map number>
Downloads and sends a map from
You must specify the map number (from the URL).
tusscheme <scheme number>
Downloads and uses a scheme from
You must specify the scheme number (from the URL).
Displays available schemes.
load <scheme name>
Loads a different game scheme.
Resets the game scheme.

Game options

energy <number>
Sets worms' initial energy level.
(aliases: en, life)
rounds <number>
Sets the number of victories required to win the match.
(alias: ro)
wormselect [on|off]
Toggles worm select.
(aliases: ws, select, sel)
teleport [on|off]
Toggles initial teleport.
(aliases: tp, tele)
artillery [on|off]
Toggles artillery (anchored) mode.
(aliases: an, anchor)
stockpiling on|off|anti
Sets stockpiling options:
  • On (new ammo on each round)
  • Off (restock ammo on each round)
  • Anti (one set of ammo for the whole game)
(alias: sp)
donorcards [on|off]
Toggles donor cards.
(aliases: dc, donor)
falldamage [on|off|<value>]
Toggles fall damage.
(aliases: fd, falldamage)

Time options

turntime <seconds>
Sets the turn time.
Use inf[inite] for infinite turn time.
(aliases: tt, turn)
roundtime <minutes>
Sets the round time in minutes.
(aliases: rt, round)
roundtime <seconds>s
Sets the round time in seconds.
(aliases: rt, round)
weaponretreat <seconds>
Sets the weapon retreat time in seconds.
(alias: wr)
roperetreat <seconds>
Sets the rope retreat time in seconds.
(alias: rr)
turndelay <seconds>
Sets the hotseat delay time in seconds.
(aliases: td, hotseatdelay, hotseat, hd)
showtime [on|off]
Toggles round time display.
(alias: st)

Crate options

weaponcrates <percentage>
Sets chance of weapon crates.
(aliases: wc, weaponcrate)
utilitycrates <percentage>
Sets chance of utility crates.
(aliases: uc, utilitycrate)
healthcrates <percentage>
Sets chance of health crates.
(aliases: hc, healthcrates, healthcrate, firstaidcrates, firstaidcrate)
crateenergy <number>
Sets health gained from health crates.
(aliases: ce, firstaid, fa)

Object options

Each of the first three options overrides each other, i.e. you can choose mines/drums/both (use 0 of either for no objects).

objects <number>
Sets number of mines/oil drums on terrain.
(alias: ob)
drums <number>
Sets number of oil drums on terrain.
(aliases: oildrums, od)
mines <number>
Sets number of mines on terrain.
(alias: mi)
dud [on|off]
Toggles dud mines.
fuse <seconds>
Sets mine fuse time.
Use ? for random.
(aliases: minefuse, mf)

Sudden death options

suddendeath end|nuke|classic|none
Sets sudden death mode:
  • end (end game)
  • nuke (nuclear strike)
  • classic (classic (1 HP) mode)
  • none (no action (no energy lost))
(alias: sd)
waterrise none|slow|medium|fast
Sets sudden death water rise speed (you can also use 0 to 7).
(alias: rise)

General options

replay [on|off]
Toggles automatic replays.
blood [on|off]
Toggles blood mode.
(alias: bl)
godmode [on|off]
Toggles god mode (invincible worms).
(aliases: gm, invworms, iw)
indland [on|off]
Toggles indestructible land.
(alias: il)

Weapon options

teamweapons [on|off]
Toggles team special weapons.
(aliases: tw, playerweapons, pw)
superweapons [on|off]
Toggles super weapons.
(aliases: sw, super)
aquasheep [on|off]
Toggles Aqua Sheep.
(aliases: as, aqua)
sheepheaven [on|off]
Toggles Sheep Heaven.
(aliases: sh, sheep)
goldgrenade [on|off]
Toggles golden grenades.
(alias: gg)
goldshotgun [on|off]
Toggles golden shotgun.
(alias: gs)
goldbanana [on|off]
Toggles golden bananas.
(alias: gb)
goldlongbow [on|off]
Toggles golden longbows.
(aliases: gl, goldbow)

Weapon configuration

HostingBuddy finds weapons by comparing what you enter to the start of the weapon name, if it finds no matches then it removes the first word of each weapon and tries again. You will need to specify more of the full weapon name if multiple weapons start with the same name, e.g. Mine since Mine Strike exists.

  • Bazooka
  • Ninja Rope
  • Girder Starter-Pack
  • Patsy's Magic Bullet

ammo <weapon name> <amount>
Sets weapon ammo.
Use inf[inite] for infinite ammo.
(alias: am)
power <weapon name> <level>
Sets weapon power.
(alias: po)
delay <weapon name> <turns>
Sets weapon turn delay.
(alias: de)
crate <weapon name> <number>
Sets weapon crate probability.
(aliases: cr, crates)

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