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"Damn it! I swore the worm would be here!"
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Ghost Knocking game
with Dario and DarK; taken from Worm Olympics
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Ghost Knocking:
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Specially designed map (examples: [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5])

In Ghost Knocking, players are able to kill opponents only by knocking or prodding them into the water. A special map is used, consisting of a simplistic arrangement of mild slopes along which worms can be pushed, and small ledges, from which worms can be knocked down. All slopes lead to water, and no spot is completely safe from knocking.

Crates provide Teleports and Prods, to supplement the limited supply that is provided at the start of the game. The only other tools provided are Ninja Rope, Parachute, and Invisibility.

Because each player is equipped with an infinite supply of invisibility, the entirety of the game is played by guessing the location of enemy worms, and the players' success relies on their ability to deduce these hiding places, in addition to their ability to use the rope.

Locating an invisible worm is not always difficult. Finding a worm can be done by walking your worm over surfaces (or dragging your worm over a surface with the rope, which is sometimes quicker) until you bump into one. Sometimes you can see an invisible worm land on a surface if it slides slightly - in which case a puff of smoke will appear. Finally, the screen will automatically follow a worm around the map even when invisible, which can give you a rough idea of the area in which it is hiding.


The scheme was created by GARG0YLE and Deadcode, most likely in mid-November 2000 (and no later than 4 Jan 2001). The motivation was to create a scheme showcasing Invisibility, where the only attacks available would preserve this state. It can be downloaded from a defunct website[6][dead link].

The scheme has featured occasionally in competitions, appearing in some years of the Worm Olympics from when it started in 2006 to 2011, and in a cup hosted on The Ultimate Site in 2010.

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