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When selected, your worm will get out a harmless-looking plastic disk. This disk is fired like the Longbow; you can't control its power. But unlike the arrows of the Longbow, the Frisbee is affected by wind and slightly by gravity. On contact with an enemy worm, the Frisbee delivers no damage but a harsh nudge, the power of which is proportional to the speed at which the Frisbee strikes the worm.

This should not take much trouble to program. Restrict the ability to change the power like the Longbow, make it wind-susceptible like the Bazooka, and give the projectile the ability to 'prod' a worm when it makes contact. Also necessary to have it affected by gravity, but not by the same degree as other weapons. Perhaps the game can simulate Low Gravity for the weapon alone.

If a prod is all that is needed but the opponent is out of range or just over a hill, then this weapon will come in handy.

Being mostly associated with harmless games, the Frisbee makes an unexpected and therefore welcome weapon in Worms. But it might not be unique enough to get in - it is similar in too many ways to the Longbow. Also, the Longbow has more capabilities than to just prod the worm it strikes, and it inflicts damage. In all, the Longbow is the better weapon.

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