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Freezeicon.png Freeze
Type: Defensive
Keyboard selection: F12 (x4)
Standard effects: Protects team from injury, poison, and most motion
Present in: W:A, WWP

The Freeze is a very easy to use defensive weapon. Upon activation of this weapon all of worms on the user's team will become encased in an inpenetrable block of ice which will shield them from harm. While encased inside the ice, the worms cannot recieve any damage or be pushed around the landscape, although they can still be drowned if the land beneath them is removed. All of the worms will return to normal when their next turn begins.


  • As worms cannot be harmed or poisoned when frozen, it can be very useful to keep a Freeze until near the end of the game, where health is usually low and worms are in open positions.
  • If you are playing a game against more than one person, freezing your worms can force your opponents to harm each other instead, preserving your team's health.
  • Frozen worms cannot be pushed, and so freezing your worms can prevent one of your worms being forced off of the edge of a cliff before your next turn.
  • If Sudden Death triggers a nuke, then freezing your worms just before Sudden Death is activated can prevent them from becoming poisoned, giving your team the advantage.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Frozen worms can still be drowned if the ground beneath them is removed. An easy way to kill a frozen worm is to stand on top of him and Kamikaze downwards, creating a vertical shaft that will lead into the water. Either that or use a Concrete Donkey if you have one.
  • Frozen worms can still be moved horizontally by an Earthquake, thus worms near water aren't prevented from drowning, even without removing the ground beneath them (for example, on a indestructible map).
  • Frozen worms are not protected by the Scales of Justice, or from the having their health reduced to 1 by Sudden Death.
  • Mines are not triggered by frozen worms, so they can be placed on top of worms and will detonate only when they unfreeze. If placed on top of the worm whose turn it will be when they unfreeze, his turn can be lost when he is harmed by the mine.
  • Similarly, Petrol Bomb fire will instantly harm any worm who unfreezes when on top of it, and is another good tactic for forcing the team's turn to end.
  • If you are playing in teams, the Freeze will only work to the worms of the team that used it. The other allied teams won't be protected.

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