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(Up to 4)
  • Rope knocking
  • All individual teststuff options
  • Optional fixes for certain bugs
  • RubberWorm features
  • Fiddler features (including weapon customization)
  • Allow enforcing common scheme rules (ABL etc.)
  • From [1]:
    • More Sudden Death actions (Earthquake, Armageddon, Double Damage)
    • Optional retreat time for the Teleport
    • Ability to alter rope physics?
    • Ability to alter parachute sensitivity?
    • Weapon expiration (opposite of weapon delay)
    • Availability of fuse-setting option for placable landmines
    • The ability to give worms on the same team individual weapon inventories and health values?
  • Custom sprites (for new weapons) and other resources in schemes?
  • WormPot modes
  • 500 FPS?
  • UserVoice ideas
  • Other currently-internal W:A engine options
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