Worms Magyar Bajnokság

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Worms Magyar Bajnokság
Worms Magyar Bajnokság screenshot
Creator: Ray, Tomi
Creation date: 10 October 2009
Link: http://wmb.wormsarmageddon.hu/

Worms Magyar Bajnokság, meaning Hungarian Worms Championship, is a Worms: Armageddon league for Hungarian worms players. The league is part of the Hungarian Worms: Armageddon Portal. Before that, it was an individual site.

The league itself is a rotated league, the scheme is choosen by a poll before the season starts.

The players are separated into a number of different divisions, six players are in one division and every player plays once with everyone in their division in one season.

There is a sharp deadline for every match to be played, each round is generated by the system.

Players gain two points for winning and lose one point for losing.

The main idea popped out of Ray's head, the site's look was also made by him and Tomi coded the system.

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