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Worms 2 Plus
Developer: Carlmundo (installer, bundle)
Latest version: v1.04b / 20 August 2020
Supported games: W2
Language: Inno Setup Script (installer), various others
License: copyright violation

Worms 2 Plus is a bundle of software and assets for and from Worms 2 by various authors and an Inno Setup installation script by Carlmundo.

Bundled software and assets


  • Detect and use external IP address automatically via FkNetcode
  • Use borderless windowed fullscreen mode via ReSolution with wndmode
  • Set graphics to their maximum level (background details, water waves)
  • Remove requirement of the CD for music (CD release)
  • Fix issues with the soundtrack (GOG release)
  • Re-enable online multiplayer (GOG release)
  • Add Team17 demo server to server list
  • Various improvements via Des patch

Des patch patches applied


  • Enable Ability to Minimize or Exit Frontend Anywhere
  • Enable Ability to See Password as You Create It
  • Frontend Won't Lose Focus When Generating Thumbnails
  • Disable Frontend From Launching Demo When Idle
  • Disable Frontend From Repositioning the Window
  • Enable Worms2 to Run With No CD (must copy files)
  • Fix Character/Logon Restrictions and Typing Click (note: as of Des patch v0.9.9.2, this only disables typing click)
  • Additional Flags (Nuke & Team17)
  • Hidden Terrain Materials Without OSSETT
  • Nuke Flag Fix
  • Enable Ability to Kick Teams
  • Flexible Weapon Editor
  • Flexible Option Editor


  • Remove Replay Screen Corners Annoyance



  1. Install Worms 2 from either the original CD or GOG.
  2. Copy the "DATA" folder from the original CD into the Worms 2 installation folder.
  3. Run the latest release binary of Worms 2 Plus (Worms2_Plus_*.exe).


  • To play, run frontend.exe with no compatibility settings.
  • To successfully host and join online multiplayer games, ensure you have forwarded port 47624 (TCP and UDP) and port range 2300-2400 (TCP and UDP) to your PC.

Piracy disclaimer

Worms 2 Plus bundles copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holders. Information about Worms 2 Plus is here strictly for educational purposes. Carlmundo has stated the intention to obtain permission to distribute copyrighted assets by Team17 and Bjørn Lynne, but has not yet obtained this permission.

This article has a to-do list:
  • add icon (screenshot not relevant)
  • compile list of licenses in use in software info box
  • once permission is granted to distribute copyrighted assets, include info about that, remove piracy disclaimer, and add download link
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