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Well, I have to start somewhere, should I? Anyways, WANE is basically W:A, but with illegal things. It's found on torrent sites, like, for example, "Kickass Torents." (More like KISSass Torrents) I've seen a lot of changes in this W:A-wanna-be and I'm gonna reply to all of them!

  • v3.6.28.0 Update Installed - Breaking news: we're WAY beyond! We're currently at, which is FIVE versions after that piece of crap! FIVE! W:A is for dinosaurs! THIS CRAP IS OBSOLETE!
  • 28 new levels (from WWP) - You can find all of those levels on TUS or WMDB anyways. You don't need WANE to find those crappy levels!
  • About 150 new fanfares, speeches, flags, and graves - Again, you can find all of that crap on the internet. If you use WANE, you're LAZY!
  • Improved terrain generator (you can now import 15-times bigger levels than before) - Five words: Worms: Armageddon Already Does That!
  • Added many national flags in WormNet - This one I can understand. What I can't understand is how I need WANE for that! I mean, you can do that WITH A SNOOPER! Also, this is gonna be in Worms Armageddon 4.0, so don't cheat by downloading a pirated version of W:A
  • Support for 8 world national languages in game (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish) - Pointless, since W:A has all of those already. Besides, I'm adding more, and those things are not for idiots that use WANE
  • Ability to tweak possible bugs in game from the Tweaks folder - Yeah...bugs that have ALREADY BEEN FIXED or will be fixed in future versions!
  • And playing the game without CD - This one is actually interesting, but there are MANY problems. To start, cracking the CD will take the incompatibility with installing newer updates on the Trymedia versions, divide it by 0, add super AIDS, subtract all the legality, get rid of the DRM, and make it "obsolete-proof," (SUPER obsolete BY DEFAULT) amongst other bad things. Plus, once again, Worms Armageddon 4.0 will add this feature, making this thing obsolete, preventing future players from installing this, and encouraging current users to uninstall WANE and get legal W:A. Yet another thing wrong with CD cracks is that they are ILLEGAL! I: Independent Television even modified an ad campaign to make a series of PSAs to discourage this! Here's the link to an example: and I'm sorry for the goofs. Anyways, I'm NOT sorry for the idiots that got duped into cracking this awesome game into a piece of crap that's incompatible with new versions, is gonna be obsolete in 5 years, and will eventually get them arrested! This "benefit" is crap!

There's no excuse to install WANE. Not even if your CD was lost, stolen, or destroyed. This is so bad that I wonder why ANYBODY would install a worthless piece of shit like WANE! The moral of the story is: buy the real thing or get the fuck out!

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