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Check me out!

Hi. I'm Evan. I made an account here do discuss my weapon ideas and socialize, and that's pretty much it.

Here's my weapon ideas:

Air Guitar

This weapon can go through walls, but doesn't make any explosions right off the bat. Waves of guitar are sent into the air, knocking back any worms in it's way. Very effective when in a cave-type stage, and have no other way to get the enemy.

Platinum Donkey

Thrown by hand and explodes then bounces on contact with any surface. It'll keep going for twenty seconds, or until it falls into the water. Make sure your own worms aren't in the way when using this devastating weapon.

Garden Hose

This weapon does not have much range, but can be used to fill a depression with enemies in it with water in an effort to drown them. Also causes minor damage when sprayed directly on a worm.

Fire Hose

Like the Uzi, only it causes three times the damage, and is affected by the wind. It's one drawback is that it washes off poison on contact. This can be put to use, though, if you can spray it on a poisoned ally as quickly as possible, then shift the direction of fire to an enemy worm and use up the rest of the water.

And that's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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