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(Up to People)

Lex is a human from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, North America, America, Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex, Known Universe, Observable Universe, Universe, Cosmos. He is a life hacker, and tends to sit around smiling quite a bit. Once in a while, he will say something intelligible and everyone around him will gaze in awe, totally flabbergasted. He wrote what you are reading with a completely NPOV. He took more than 13 years to make a link for the acronym used in the previous sentence.

"Textual all-purpose scripts come in the form of one colored and one colorless mana."

He edited the above sentence to prove that he understands "color" is a more efficient word than "colour".

Contact info for missing software

Lex is usually available in IRC, in #worms on GameSurge. He is also available on Discord, in both the "Total Wormage" and "Dojo" Discord servers. If you have any software that's listed on the missing software category page, please contact Lex either here in this article's discussion page or on IRC/Discord and he can help get it uploaded to the server and linked in the software article.

Clan History

When I type "unknown", I don't mean the wormer named "Unknown". The list is generally in chronological order of joinage. My main clans that I was in the longest were: ABF, MwC, and SFX. I was in each clan for more than 6 months, except SDC, NN and VoW.

format: CN - [Clan Name] (leaders) (estimated clan size) [(extra info.)]

  • SDC - Scooby Doo Clan (unknown) (8)
  • NN - Neurotic Nematodes (w0rminator) (44) (This clan was extremely organized and handled its number of members by having its own mailing list and supreme interclan conformity procedures, because w0rminator was an awesome leader. He retired from Worms and wanted to hand the clan to me, but I declined, so it died.)
  • ABF - Artillery BnG Forces (Ash/Phazor) (15)
  • A1/XC - Active 1s/Xtreme Clan (Lex/iNf3RnO) (5)
  • MDS - Most Deadly Soldiers (toto) (9)
  • bong - (theWalrus) (20)
  • MwC - Minesweepers Worms Corps. (Flash) (23) (I was in this clan 3 seperate times, each time lasting over 6 months. Two of the times lasted over a year. I only quit it when I joined SFX.)
  • NFC - No Fat Chicks (Teflon) (12) (WWP clan, mainly)
  • AAA - Against All Authority (no leader) (40)
  • WEE - We Eat Elites (Lex/Alcatraz) (6)
  • Wèé! - We Eat Elites (Lex/Noodles) (This is my current W2 clan. There's only 1 member right now. There were about 12 members in it a long time ago.)
  • µ - Micro (Lex/Noodles) (6) (W2 alias clan)
  • VoW - Vision of Wonder (OrangeKid) (7) (alias clan)
  • SFX (There was no leader when I joined. KoreanRedDragon/M3ntal) (13) (I love this clan because its high standards in member qualities, such as intelligence and enjoyability. SFX members are truly sensational for playing with, in general. We all address each other by our first names, too, which makes it feel family-like. :))

Those are the ones that stand out. I'm sure there are at least 4 more. I remember having a huge list of them when there was a similar thread to this on the WL forums a long time ago.

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