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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example game
hosted by RichUK1974
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Tube Trap:
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Four per team

Tube Trap The AIM of the game is to knock enemy worms in to the long tubes, get the health crate (or if lucky a UTILITY or AMMO Crate) and then ATTACK any enemy worm from rope or from land. BEWARE: At Sudden Death you will all get sick and water will rise slowly, so do not leave your worms in a tube for too long!

RULES: Get Crate THEN make your attack on 'ANYONE'. This is different to shopper where you have to attack from rope. In Tube Trap you can attack from ground too.

Note that the alien glitch is usually seen in this scheme.


Created by RichUK Founder of 'Pn' Pronoob Clan within WormNET

The example game was in the early stages of development. A variety of maps are now available to accompany the game with easy to read information letting you know the level of map hardness.

NOTE: All maps can be used with people that use HostingBuddy and the map numbers are in order of easy to hard - 19475 19476 19477 19478.

It would be nice if you all requested "Tube Trap" to be an option for HostingBuddy to actually host, adding "Tube Trap" to the hostingBuddy list of games.

Thanks to FoxHound for help in removing the "slow rope" bug when people hosted using Rubberworm (the crate probability of Mine Strike was "2", activating "speed" feature) - this is now fixed, so the game can be hosted by anyone even if you load Wormkit modules - all now works great - UPDATED 2012 January 9th Happy New Year

To date there are 4 MAIN MAPS developed, tried and tested, they are as follows:

TubeTrap01 Brick Red.png TubeTrap02 Brick Blue.png TubeTrap03 RustyPipes.png TubeTrap04 TheBirds.png
Easy Medium Hard Hardest
Red Brick, with same length tubes and not easy to explode worms in to water Blue Brick, slightly more complicated layout, than the Red Brick Map Rusty Pipes, Large map with various length tubes including short one way down and long way up a nearby tube The Birds, Large map where you can send worms to a watery grave, Some tubes are very long. Birds are deadly.
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