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triXFiles started as a small site using free webspace in September 2002 by triX with lots of help from Dodgymat contained a few maps and soundbanks for Worms: Armageddon..screensavers, wallpapers and a few useful programs. After 9 months webspace and the / addresses were purchased and triX, Poo and Thorask (not forgetting Dig who created nice animations for the homepage) set about creating a new became a forum based site for file and information sharing among a small community of W:A gamers (Mainly CL2K Members)

As a security measure it was locked to public access and new members were only granted access if a current member put their name forward..shared files were passworded and encrypted to prevent hosts finding out what was stored on the servers and shutting it down...

However as the community grew so did the site traffic/file sharing and it was shut down by several webhosts for hammering their storage and bandwidth allowances.

Member contributions paid to keep the site going up until August 2007.

The site eventually ceased to exist when triX was forced to go offline for 6 months and was unable to contact any of the triXFiles admin and server fees weren't paid.

September 2002 Archive Page

Some of the sites later publicly accessible archived pages can be viewed Here and Here

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