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There are currently two things that can use translation - the documentation and the game.

The Documentation

The ReadMe has gotten pretty long over time. Translating all those minor features and fixes might not be worth it (of course if you still want to, go ahead!). However, now there is a new section which describes the important additions in the Beta versions, so you could translate just that (as well as some basics from the game manual). See the Guides, FAQs, and ReadMes page for some translated ReadMes.

The Game

If you spot some untranslated text, or text that's translated incorrectly, feel free to contact Deadcode or CyberShadow about it. Note that not all text is currently translatable! Some text is hard-coded in English, mostly due to technical restrictions (and sometimes due to our laziness). A good way to check if a string is translatable is to switch the game to another language, and see if it's been translated to that one.

If you feel especially daring, you may even consider translating the entire game to a new language! However, there are severe restrictions on this. First, the language must be an European language with a mostly-latin or Cyrillic character set (W:A is limited to 224 characters in total, and most of those are already taken by other languages). So, non-latin/cyrillic languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, etc. are unfortunately out of the question. Check the WA character table page to see which characters are already in W:A. Second, we can only accept translations of very high quality. You need to show proof that you know the game well enough. You should be able to know where any English string is from and in what context it is used in to be able to translate them adequately. You should also be very fluent in English (and, of course, the language you're translating to - we expect no less that it be your native tongue). Third, you need to have a lot of time and dedication! There's a lot of text in there, and translating it all will take you several days, if not weeks! If you think that you and your language pass these requirements, contact CyberShadow.

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