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Releases Releases

Software Software
Game technology Game technology
Online play Online play
Community Community

How to use

Simply add "{{Game navbox}}" to put a navigation panel (with default items).

Note: For first-generation games, use {{Game navbox|param3=First generation}} instead. This will change the "Tricks and glitches" link to the correct one.


This panel contains 9 sub-templates:

{{Game navbox/Releases}}
Releases Releases

{{Game navbox/Software}}
Software Software
{{Game navbox/Game technology}}
Game technology Game technology
{{Game navbox/Online play}}
Online play Online play
{{Game navbox/Community}}
Community Community
{{Game navbox/FAQs}} (WA only)
{{Game navbox/Wormopaedia}} (WWP only)
Wormopaedia Wormopaedia
{{Game navbox/WDC Customisation}} (WDC only)
Customisation Customisation
{{Game navbox/WDC Emulation}} (WDC only)
Worms DC Emulation Emulating Worms DC

There are 2 methods to change the sub-templates.

Method 1

(Recommended) Using 1-6 parameters. Specify which template to use by using a template tag (like this: {{template|params}}).

{{{1}}} {{{2}}}
{{{3}}} {{{4}}}
{{{5}}} {{{6}}}

Method 2

Using boxN and paramN parameters. boxN specifies the name of the sub-templates, while paramN are their parameters.

{{Game navbox/ {{{box1}}} | {{{param1}}} }} {{Game navbox/ {{{box2}}} | {{{param2}}} }}
{{Game navbox/ {{{box3}}} | {{{param3}}} }} {{Game navbox/ {{{box4}}} | {{{param4}}} }}
{{Game navbox/ {{{box5}}} | {{{param5}}} }} {{Game navbox/ {{{box6}}} | {{{param6}}} }}


Both of the following replace the upper-right cell (box2) with Template:Game navbox/Sample:

  • (method 1) {{Game navbox|2={{Template:Game navbox/Sample}} }}
  • (method 2) {{Game navbox|box2=Sample}}

To create new sub-templates

You can create new sub-templates on your own, simply copy the code in Template:Game navbox/Sample to a new page and change the text within.

Worms Knowledge Base Sample
  • Text1
  • Text2
  • Text3
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