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  • color: text color of {{{1}}}, by default it's white.
  • color2, color3, and color4: text color of {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, and {{{4}}}. By default they are the same as {{{color1}}} .
  • style1, style2, style3, and style4: other CSS styles that can be applied to {{{1}}}, {{{2}}}, {{{3}}} or {{{4}}}.

Chat box styles

The {{{type}}} parameter specifys how the chat box looks.

W:A and WWP chat box (both games have the same looking box)
background-color: #000040;
Worms 2 (Everyone) chat box
background-color: #000000;
Worms 2 (Private) chat box
background-color: #008080;
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