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There are many awards in the mutiplayer matches at the end of that match/round, in Worms Armageedon. In the end of the match, there are Team Awards, and the end of rounds or the match are another type: Worm Awards. Here's a low down...

List Of Worms Awards

The Worm Of The Match/Round: The best worm in that round/match gets the award.

The Big Billy Circus Award: This is a new award, but the worm gets this award...if they use the Ninja Rope a lot of times of the worm's turn.

The Worm Who Turned The Darkside: The worm gets it if they use the Girder, the Girder Starter Pack or the Blow Torch lots of times on the turn.

The Happy Shopping Award: The worm must get lots of Weapon Crates, Tool Crates or Engrey Crates on the turn, to get it.

The Dangerous Worm: The worm who had the most damage or kills.

The Worm With The Best Shot: The worm gets it when it has a best shot.

The Worm Who Turned Yellow: The worm needs to jump high places, jump a lot or etc, to get it.

List Of Team Awards

Coming soon!

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