Scales of Justice

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IconScalesOfJustice.svg Scales of justice
Type: Team health balancing utility
Keyboard selection: F8 (x5)
Standard effects: Balances the total team health of all teams
Present in: W:A, WWP

The Scales of Justice can be very benefical, or very harmful to yourself. This super weapon will balance all teams total worm health. Let's say team A has 4 worms, with a total of 400 health together, while team B has 2 worms with a total of 200 health. If any worm uses the scales of justice, the total health will be equal for all teams. In this case, the total health of all teams is 600, which gives causes each team to have 300 in total team health. For team B, this is an improvement, for team A, it's a loss. Here's a quick way to show you how it works:

Before Scales of Justice:
Team A Team B
  • Aaron: 100 health points
  • Air Killer: 100 health points
  • Alex: 100 health points
  • Another worm: 100 health points
  • Bob: 100 health points
  • Billy: 100 health points
After Scales of Justice:
Team A Team B
  • Aaron: 75 health points
  • Air Killer: 75 health points
  • Alex: 75 health points
  • Another worm: 75 health points
  • Bob: 150 health points
  • Billy: 150 health points

This means that team A has lost 100 health points while team B has earned 100 health points.


  • Use this when your worms are weak, and the enemy is strong.
  • This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game if used at the correct moment.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Not useful if you are in the lead.
  • Ends your turn, so go someplace safe before using it.

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