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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Russian Roulette game
with ShyGuy and ChaTeve; taken from Worm Olympics
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"Will it hit me?"
Game setup
Russian Roulette:
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Specially-designed map (example)
1 worm per player

When a game of Russian Roulette starts, each player puts his worm on a vacant speck of terrain, in an open map containing nothing but a sparse arrangement of specks. Worms are anchored, so it is advised to place them such that they can fire freely in the preferred directions.

All players have an unlimited number of homing missiles, and sometimes low gravity as well. During the game, the players target the empty space above the map, and fire their homing missiles at full power. After 4 seconds of circling around the target marker, the missile loses its attraction falls towards the worms. If the player is lucky, the missile will land on and kill an opponent worm. Or if he is unlucky, it will kill one of his own.

The scheme dates back to August 2006 at the latest, when it featured in the Worm Olympics.


  • Always target above worms
  • Do not target worms directly
  • Always use full power when launching a homing missile
  • Kill the cow
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