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This scheme has been removed from the Schemes page because it was deemed that it wasn't notable enough. If you think this scheme deserves to be added back to the Schemes page, please provide examples of it being played online on the talk page.
Game setup
Rope and Crates (RnC):
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Can be any randomly-generated map, but a cave map with abundant open space in the middle, few objects and no bridges is recommended.
Depends solely on desired game length.

Rope and Crates or RnC is a RubberWorm scheme, originally from WWP. In this scheme, players have the following weapons at their disposal: unlimited Ninja Ropes set to a power level of 5, unlimited Bazookas, and Parachutes. RubberWorm's "Continuous Crate Shower" option is enabled. The map is destructible. Players may decide to enable RubberWorm's "Improved Rope" feature to make the roping easier. The turn time may be set anywhere between 20 and 60 seconds. Players may decide to play with super weapons enabled or disabled as they wish.

The example RnC scheme linked on this page has "Improved Rope" disabled, "Super Weapons" disabled, and turn time set to 20 seconds.

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