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icon Play Worms Armageddon on Linux
Play Worms Armageddon on Linux screenshot
Developer: Lookias
Latest version: Final alpha.
Supported games: W:A
Language: C++/Qt
Website: Forum
Download: Play Worms Armageddon on Linux, [1]
This article is about a third-party program. For the WA installation guide (without this program), see Installing WA on Linux.

Play Worms Armageddon on Linux makes it possible to play Worms Armageddon on linux, within a few clicks. It includes a very easy tutorial in PDF format, with some pictures and texts.


In details, this program can be seen as a wine wrapper. It wraps a wine1.0 version, that is heavily patched with the purpose to run fine with Worms Armageddon.

In better words, Play Worms Armageddon on Linux is a pure frontend using several programs as its backend, these programs are wine1.0, mount, ln ,rm and every windows tool you run with it (e.g Intes Keychanger, Worms Armageddon and also Worms World Party).

This makes it possible that you dont need to worry about your own wine installation or wine at all. I builded some binarys (they include everything you need to run Worms), these binarys are known to run on Opensuse and Ubuntu without the need to compile something alone. But you can also get the complete source of it, if problems occur with these binarys.

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