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sKuNk3 (or skunk3) is an old-school player based out of the United States.

He started playing W:A in 1999, the day it was released, and played Worms 2 offline with friends for a year or two before W:A was released in the United States. (And sorely misses the official ranking system and flaming power bars from the early days of WormNet!) skunk made the switch to Worms World Party when it was released, and owned noobs for a few years before switching back to W:A full-time due to the superior roping. He has won many leagues and tournaments over the years, and has been in several excellent clans. These days he doesn't bother playing in leagues because that takes more enthusiasm than he is willing and prepared to dole out. He is also quite sad about the fact that the overwhelming majority of his favorite worms mates are no longer active, and he is forced to play with people that are only about 1/4 as cool and/or interesting as the original community.

skunk3's favorite scheme is (p)roper, in which he's nearly unbeatable. (He still plays on 800*600 resolution for that extra rope control!) He has taken several breaks from activity since the release of W:A but always ends up coming back for more. skunk3 is also responsible for creating several schemes, none of which have ever gained much popularity outside of niche audiences. (Such as "skunk17.") He is known for being an unapologetic pothead as well as being quite possibly the poorest sport on WormNet. He plays to win - always - and can not stand to lose.

skunk3 is an all-around player, meaning that he plays all schemes equally to remain sharp, rather than focusing solely on one or two schemes. He has a love/hate relationship with Worms and does not like the direction that the community has taken in recent years. He believes that skill is not measured by leagues and records, but by reputation. In 1-on-1 competition, skunk3 is a serious contender in any scheme, and is generally hated on because of this.

skunk3 is active as of this update (June, 2011) and can be reached at

When not playing Worms, skunk3 is a historian and researcher and has numerous hobbies, including photography, music production, Dungeons & Dragons, gardening, wine-making, graffiti art, enjoying the outdoors, and perusing other peoples' bios here on for the sake of reading the self-loving bullshit that other people have added to their profiles to make themselves sound much more awesome than they really are.

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