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So, im gonna roll out this story for all those of you that play worms that speak English. I'm going to give you the real version, not pontificate on some half-assed version to glorify thewalrus' worms existence like some have done on WKB. The date was Summer '99. The game: shopper. In between thewalrus ramming his worms mercilessly into the wall and relentlessly cowing the others in his game, he developed a love for the little pink bastards. He played sporadically, but really got into the game in '00. He really got into Battlerace, spurred on by playing a game with GARG0YLE, the creator of the set. He told him that he was going to smash him and his pal. They destroyed walrus, of course, and his running mate was theperk, another BR legend. This would foster wally's love for his favorite set. His first clan was AWA, founded by WARLORD. The clan didn't play competitively, just for fun. They quickly died and he would became the first non-aussie, non-kiwi member of Australian worms clan AWK. AWK was also short lived, and walrus and a few of the members founded the clan WWA, which would go on to become a successful fixture in worms armageddon for the next 6-7 years. Shortly after however, many of the players he played with were forming yet another new clan, OTB. OTB was led by Munks, and had wally's popular running mates tenCHU, koreanreddragon, chinook, MiMiK, and Beelz in it. Beelz would go on to become Walrus' manchild, and they roped warmer after warmer together. They decided to strike out on their own, and revitalized PROD, which had fallen on the wayside after okeytokey left worms. Beelz and Walrus led PROD, and had the likes of Noobzster, orangekid, tenCHU, theone, Uno, Lazy, and Fredalot. Walrus and the crew were all warmer ropers and no one gave a shit about WACL. Worms was always about having fun, wally never really got into the competitive side of it. Walrus then moved to WWP, for all of 10 mintues. WWP was a flash in the pan for WA players, most went, saw, and came back quickly. Anyways, by this point, he had cultivated his BR skills and we had created with others a close knit group of racers, the best on the net at the time, including MrT, bas1c, Walrus, and garycoleman. They went on to collaborate and make individually almost 40 battlerace maps. After that, thewalrus created a clan, again with Beelz, BoNG. Walrus is unsure who all was in BoNG for the most part, as he was really high at the time. Theone, lex, and pure were in the clan, as well as a ton of fellow alias players. BoNG needed to go, and when molson and marco came knocking on wally's door, the clan was merged with NBR, bringing pure, theone, beelz, seneca, and thewalrus in to an already incredible lineup, including all time greats jmoberg, wargod, volrin, saltyk9, and marco/seb. At the time NBR was semi-active, and he tried my best to inject new blood into the clan, creating an all new web page with the help of Seneca's host. Marco and thewalrus also created 40 need NBR roperaces for the new color map craze, but wally rapidly descended into doing drugs and stopped worming altogether, and lost most of the maps. In late 2003, thewalrus left Chicago, IL to attend rehab in Oregon, and his worms career was over. thewalrus handed over the website to Seneca, who left for the army soon after, and NBR lost its site. thewalrus briefly played in 2007 for about a month, and then quit again. Picking up the game in middle of June 2011, thewalrus has been back about one month again, spurred by some of the great mods the worms community has put out. The legacy he left behind was one of limited accessibility, there to teach people the finer points of battlerace, or yell unforgivable things at noobs in a roper.

I guess im writing because the worms community was just so damn special back then, so many great players and personalities. I hope some of the people I have mentioned will run across this post and remember. There is so many people ive forgotten, but if i saw your name, id remember you in a heartbeat. I mainly just play for the nostalgia now. I was never great at the game, and am not an all-time great, I just enjoyed it with some great people.

Jim (thewalrus)

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