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(Up to People)

Parker is an angry man who gets angry at Worms.

Favourite strategies:

  • Pointing out that Run is in the lead
  • Trying to convince everyone to attack Run
  • Pointing out that even when Run isn't in the lead, he's guaranteed to get a Scales of Justice and win the game
  • Moaning at anyone who doesn't do everything possible to attack Run
  • Threatening to lolocaust1 them
  • Blaming them when Run wins
  • Collecting crates instead of making any effort himself to attack Run
  • Claiming the crates are too shit for him to do anything to Run when anyone points this out
  • Claiming the crates are too shit for him to carry out any of his promised lolocausts

1victimising them exclusively in a future game

Being Wrong:

Parker is no stranger to being wrong - he does it all the time. Some scientists have suggested that he would be a worthy subject for study due to his apparent state of perpetual wrongness. However, there has only been one known occurance of him actually admitting to being wrong - it was a relatively small point, but still noteworthy due to the fact that known history contains no other events of this kind.

The statement came shortly after a claim that the city of Cleveland, Ohio is landlocked. Once Parker had made the discovery that this was incorrect, he uttered the following admission: "oh i'd be wrong"

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