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(Up to People)

Thinks he's cute for using the :3 smiley.

He is awesome and that is acknowledged by all, but penis envy often causes them to state otherwise.

He is the most skilled wormer of all, but modesty and care of other people's mental health allows him to purposely lose a game from time to time to not make the opponent feel bad.

Individuals who do not know him well enough, might fall under the illusion that he is narcissistic when conversing with him for the first couple of times. The reality is, that he is very modest and attempts to downplay his many qualities, but that becomes an arduous task possesing so many well developed ones as he does.

A popular misconception after reading this article, is that it was written by himself (see the "illusion of narcissism"), when in actuality it was a group effort by his many fans.

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