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(Up to People)

KungPow plays Worms since 1998, when he first bought Worms 2. Three years later he bought Worms Armageddon and then Worms World Party. Most of his time playing was offline, so his only friend was CPU-5. When he got internet in his home (yup, he's a poor guy XD) he started playing WA in 2005. He chose WA because he couldn't host games in WWP and WA was receiving more updates, thanks to Deadcode and CyberShadow. Playing almost 7 years with CPU, KungPow got quite experience in ground games, but he was introduced to rope games when he started playing online, as well as much other players who started playing online at that time. He focused more in rope games like shoppers at first place, but then Wall to Walls, Ropers and Rope Races. Seeing that there were still some ground game players alive, he was too playing those schemes, like Team17, Hysteria, Elite, BnG, etc. Now he belongs to the brazilian Worms Malditos clan (WM`) and spends his time playing for-fun matches. He has easy communication with the other players, speaking english, spanish and his country language, portuguese. Ingame, KungPow has a calm and funny relationship with the other players, and try to make his hosts the most joyful as possible. He plays every kind of scheme, except for Elite, that he says to suck at it (and he does :P) The ones he plays at the most is Team17, Hysteria, Roper, Walk for Weapons, WxW and sometimes to remember the old times, shoppers.

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