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(Up to People)

Andrew "Jamandy" Marshmallow, also known as Jamikaze, is a famous web designer renowned for his outline-based graphics, envied for his athletic physique and admired for his relentless determination to keep going against all odds.

Web Design

Jamandy's innovations in graphic design date back to his early years. As a small child he had suffered tremendous stress from the effects of a freak accident involving reverse liposuction surgery, a condition from which he never managed to recover.

He subsequently chose to quench his artistic thirst through web design, and found his profoundest artistic expression in the arrangement of blobs with thick outlines. This is how the Jamandy school of graphic design came to existence.

The troubled youngster later decided to start a business. What he meant by that is that he uploaded a website to his web space and called it Elucid Design. As far as we know, the only effect his website ever had on anybody was that its meaningless name inspired MattMrHat to create Elucid Sy... OH WAIT, shhhhh, beep, forget I ever said anything.

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