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Real Name: Dean Murr

Date of Birth: 18/01/1986

Nationality: British

About him: Dean started playing W:A in February 1998 or 1999, the exact year is unknown nor important. His first clan was kF (Krazy Foos) where he passed his try-out after successfully executing a 'shadow' on the rope. Between you and I, it was barely a 'shadow' in today's game - in fact, it was pretty much a fluke. Dean left kF to create his own clan called TrD (The Real Deal) where he recruited members such as Fabrousse and MiMiK, etc. He decided to abandon the clan when he was offered a position as co-leader at NoX (Nation of Xpertz) founded by Divine and also lead by Juggalo881. Deano and Juggalo881 took the clan to higher places, where they qualified for the playoffs consistently and even won the league a couple of times. Deano then joined a series of other unimportant clans, until he decided to create mm (Military Minds) with his new found lover Avirex. After Avirex got sentenced to imprisonment, Deano decided to kill the clan and create a new one with Bunny and Mentality. This clan was called dt (Death Touch) and still exists to date. dt has won many a league and remains to be the best clan on WormNET. Its members are utterly loyal and the clan, although barely active, keeps its close knit relationship. In addition, Avirex was released from jail and picked mm up where he left off, recruiting members such as Wza and Flex. mm and dt later merged and kept the name Death Touch. Such a happy story.  :-)

Latest Pose:

(image removed by Dean)

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