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An options file stores Worms 2 scheme options. Unlike other games, this file does not also contain weapons options; those are stored in a separate file.

As in traditional Worms 2 fashion, most of the values which could be stored within one byte are stored within four. All types are little-endian. How many of these are actually read has not been tested. Options that are more commonly known by the community under different names are listed, with the actual Worms 2 names listed in bracketed quotes.

Reverse engineered by Muzer, so there might be mistakes ;)

Offset Size Type Description
00 7 char[7] Magic number used to identify the options file. The string "OPTFILE".
07 4 sint32 Round time, measured in minutes.
0B 4 sint32 Turn time, measured in seconds.
0F 4 sint32 Ground ("Worm") retreat time, measured in seconds.
13 4 sint32 Rope retreat time, measured in seconds.
17 4 sint32 Mine count, measured in mines.
1B 4 sint32 Mine fuse ("delay"), measured in seconds (or -1 for random).
1F 4 sint32 Nonzero if dud mines might exist.
23 4 sint32 Maximum wind strength, measured in percent.
27 4 sint32 Friction. 0 = default, 1-5 = low to high.
2B 4 sint32 Number of kills required for an action replay to trigger.
2F 4 sint32 Amount of damage required for an action replay to trigger.
33 4 sint32 Nonzero if automatic action replays are enabled.
37 4 sint32 Maximum fall damage, measured in health points.
3B 4 sint32 Repeat swings of the Ninja Rope, measured in swings.
3F 4 sint32 Nonzero if round time is displayed ingame.
43 4 sint32 Land sink rate in Sudden Death, measured in pixels per turn.
47 4 sint32 Nonzero if worm energy is reduced to 1 at Sudden Death ("Energy reduction").
4B 4 sint32 Nonzero if an indestructible border exists around the map.
4F 4 sint32 Nonzero if Girder radius is restricted ("Girder restriction").
53 4 sint32 Worm selection method. Zero if worms move in sequence ("No choice"), 1 for random (?) worm selection ("CPU decides"), 2 for worm selection ("Player decides").
57 4 sint32 Nonzero if extended cursor controls are allowed in the chat box ("Extended chat box editing"). No idea why this is in scheme options but it is...
5B 4 sint32 Hotseat time ("Delay between turns"), measured in seconds.
5F 4 sint32 Nonzero if stockpiling enabled.
63 4 sint32 Crate probability, measured in percent.
67 4 sint32 Crate intelligence, measured in percent (intelligent crates are biased to drop closer to losing teams).
6B 4 sint32 Health crate energy, measured in health points.
6F 4 sint32 Nonzero if crates can be booby trapped.
73 4 sint32 Nonzero if superweapons ("secret weapons") can appear in crates.
77 4 sint32 Worm starting energy measured in health points.
7B 4 sint32 Nonzero if artillery mode is enabled.
7F 4 sint32 Nonzero if worm selection disabled in Sudden Death ("No choice worm selection")
83 4 sint32 Nonzero if oil drums replace mines. Appears to have been added in the patch (on-disc schemes don't have these bytes).
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