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Type: Movement utility
Keyboard selection: F8 (x?)
Standard effects: Moves the other worms
Present in: W:A X.0?

The Harpoon will act exactly as a Ninja Rope, but instead of controlling your own selected worm it can control the other worms of the map, including the other worms of your team, ally worms and the opponent worms. The Harpoon will only work if it hits a worm, if it hits the terrain the line (like the line of the rope when it is fired) will disappear and a noise of a metal hitting a wall will be heard (like the sound of a spoon falling on the floor), if the line doesn't hit nothing it will just disappear. Also, it can be aimed down like the RubberWorm improved rope. This weapon is useful to throw enemies into the water, position your worms better (saving them from possible deaths), or if Battyrope is ON, it can be interesting. This weapon (different of all the current weapons) can pull worms (the current ones only push worms) and this can be very useful because acting as a utility you can still play after its use during the turn, giving possibilities to position an opponent worm on a place to easily kill it with a Fire Punch for example (reminiscent of Scorpion in the Street Fighter games; "Get over here!"). The damage caused by Harpoon is zero.

Using the weapon

First select harpoon, shoot at a worm (connecting it with the worm that you are controlling), then move the worm you hit using the arrows of the keyboard (up will bring the worm close to you, down will move the worm away from you and left and right to move the caught worm, being possible to do flies with the worms. The latter two keys will be enabled only with greater or max power. If the power is normal or weaker, left/right will not work.

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