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The Guildhall Leisure release of WormsDC is believed to have come out late in 1997, some time after the release of Worms 2. It was not, so far as I can tell, release outside of the UK.

  • The floppy disks feature no form of copy protection whatsoever, unlike previous Team 17 titles which were subjected to rigorous (but ultimately crackable) copy protection. The content of the disks is identical to the original Ocean Software release.
  • The boxart is largely the same, but someone has drawn a black box over the "Ocean Sales & Marketing" logo in the bottom right corner. Judging by the uneven edges on the box, this appears to have been done on Guildhall's master of the cover using a black marker pen and duplicated from there.
  • The packaging is a rather basic cardboard box that unfolds, wrapped in a card sleeve with the boxart printed on it (similar to the sleeves some DVDs come in). The ends of the card are glued together and the glue is likely to become unstuck if not stored in a cool, dry place.
  • The manual appears to have been photocopied on A4 plain paper and stapled together, possibly by hand.
  • The three floppy disks have white labels with the text printed rather plainly on them, contrasting the initial Ocean release where a variation of the Worms logo, with the Directors Cut subtitle, was printed directly onto the floppy disk itself.

WormsDC was one of several games that Guildhall Leisure acquired the rights to re-release during 1996 and 1997. Other titles included Theme Park and Gloom Deluxe. They were all managed in a similar manner, including the photocopied manuals and basic disk labeling. They were mostly available either by mail order directly from Guildhall, or from Electronics Boutique stores, who continued to stock Amiga games up until late 1998.

This title could still be found in some Gamestation stores in the UK at late as 2000.

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