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When X101, the creator of R2CL, joined Ce in June 2004, Kiros and X101 discussed bringing R2CL back under a new name. X101 coded the necessary changes and came up with the name. First Blood! was released August 13th, 2004 and became popular fast. 10 days later, on August 23rd, Kiros was added to the staff as an admin and worked with X101 on some big changes. On August 26th, First Blood broke the 100 members mark and on August 29th over 500 games were played, a day later, 89 games were reported, which was the record for games per day until May 7th 2005 (162 games) With a lot of coding to improve the First blood system, FB kept growing and needed a 3rd admin. On January 2005 Flamie/Hip joined the staff and started coding FBCL, the First Blood Clan League.

With FBCL and a lot of other changes activity kept increasing significantly and on August 11th 2005, a year after FB's birth, Glenn was added to the staff to help handle complaints. For a while, this was enough but with the increasing activity came an increase in complaints. First Blood introduced a completely new complaint system to ensure only people involved in the complaint would be able to comment, speeding up complaints. With the new system came a new staff system. Apart from the current staff, 6 mods were picked from different clans for the sole purpose of doing the groundwork in complaints.

[13-08-2004] Birth of First Blood.

[23-08-2004] Kiros joins the staff as an admin, new rating system is implemented where you get less points if you play a single scheme too often.

[26-08-2004] First Blood breaks the 100 members mark, country standings are added.

[29-08-2004] First Blood breaks the 500 games total mark.

[30-09-2004] The end of the first season and the start of the first playoffs.

[30-10-2004] Mablak wins the first ever FB playoffs beating Ramb0 3-2 in the finals.

[03-12-2004] Players are now able to reset their accounts.

[03-01-2005] The Ce forums hosting several subforums for FB are changed into community forums.

[06-01-2005] Flamie/Hip joins the staff as an admin

[19-01-2005] Clan registration is opened in preparation of the release of FBCL

[03-03-2005] FBCL is released, FB introduces a new rating system with a rating for everyscheme as opposed to 1 overall rating

[07-03-2005] First Blood breaks the 500 members mark

[10-04-2005] First Blood introduces top 10 standings for the supported schemes

[30-04-2005] First Blood introduces 'FB Challenges' single day events where players compete for a set goal (Ex. winning the most roping games)

[07-06-2005] First Blood introduces playoffs for clans.

[10-06-2005] First blood introduces the match analyser and the ability for admins to edit games, speeding up complaints

[08-08-2005] First Blood introduces rating penalties to counter 'DoN' complaints.

[10-08-2005] First Blood breaks the 1000 member mark

-- Missing information

[Late 2006] First Blood closes down.

[29-12-2006] The return of First Blood is announced on the site.

[01-01-2007] First Blood begins accepting games again.

[25-10-2007] Kiros announces First Blood will close. Ramb0 won the last playoffs.

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