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Quakeicon.png Earthquake
Type: Seismic Event, SUPER WEAPON
Keyboard selection: F2 (x5)
Standard effects: Terrain vibrates, moving worms and objects around
Present in: WA, WWP
It seems the frozen worm will be stuck next turn!

The Earthquake is a global weapon that shakes the entire terrain when activated. Worms, mines, barrels and crates will bounce around, falling down slopes and over edges.

There is a Wormpot mode that will automatically trigger an Earthquake after every turn, and it can also occur after certain turns during missions.


  • The Earthquake is the only weapon that can move crates, Oil Drums, and frozen worms sideways.
  • As the earthquake affects all objects on the map, it can harm worms all over the map by causing fall damage, moving mines into worms, or even knocking worms into the water. It can also block worms with Oil Drums (or at least bring danger to them) or move worms out from under cover into a more exposed location.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • As the Earthquake affects the entire map, your own team is at risk, so make sure they are well hidden before you use it.
  • The Earthquake is a super weapon, and so its chance of appearing in a crate follows the same rules as other super weapons.

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