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Anti-Ketzer (aK) was formed by Big Billy, Blue Carbon and Herr Vorrgend in 2004. Blue Carbon and Herr Vorragend aren't WA Players and after 1 year they stopped playing with the ak Tag. So Big Billy dedicated to make ak to a "only WA" Clan.

First member was Freakazoide and he is still a member.

Meaning of aK

aK = Anti-Ketzer

Ketzer is a german word that was use in the midage. Ketzer is a word that decribes bad people. Like witches. Ketzer were people which was burned in that time. Who want to read more about that can look here. (the english version is bad)Wiki about Ketzer (=Heretic) The Tag aK has nothing to do with the waepon and the Clan Anti-Ketzer has nothing to do with religion!

Herr Vorragend invented that name.

The Present

aK dont play in leagues but more tourneys and is just a team for having fun together.

The Anti-Ketzer Clan is always open for new members.


Big Billy made 4 trailers for the upcoming ak Movie.

The movie is still in progress. The title of the movie is still unkown.


Movie Trailers

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