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Developer: greisane
Latest version: 1.1.0 / 14 Aug 2021
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.x
Supported W:A editions: This item is compatible with the CD edition of W:A.  This item is compatible with the Steam edition of W:A.This item is compatible with the GOG edition of W:A.
Language: C++
Website: Github Page
Download: wkTTS 1.1.0 (173 MB)

WormKit module adding text-to-speech to Worms Armageddon multiplayer games.

While enabled, chat is automatically read aloud. A different voice is chosen for each player based on their nickname.


  1. Download the the latest release.
  2. Unzip inside the game folder.
  3. Enter command /tts while in game.


The following commands are available in both lobby and game chat.

Toggle text-to-speech on or off.
/tts <volume>
Set the speech volume from 1 to 100.
Causes all speakers to stop talking.


wkTTS.ini can be opened with a text editor to change the default volume or enable other options.

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