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Grenadeicon.png Grenade
Type: Projectile
Keyboard selection: F2 (x1)
Standard effects: 50hp injury (max.), Small circular crater
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Injury (max.)
11 25hp
12 35hp
1 40hp
2 45hp
3 50hp
4 55hp
5 60hp
19 65hp
14 75hp
15 100hp

The Grenade is a projectile weapon which can be used at a variable power at any angle. The grenade bounces on impact, and explodes only after the fuse has expired. The fuse can be set at 1-5 seconds by the player. The bounce can also be set between two values.


  • When fired at a shallow angle into the water, the grenade will skip on the surface of the water.
  • When fired upward at a near-vertical angle with full power, a four second fuse will ensure that the grenade explodes approximately at the same altitude that it was fired, allowing for somewhat predictable shots.
  • The grenade can be planted as a stationery bomb by firing directly up or down with a low power.
  • When planted directly on top of a worm, the grenade will propel the worm downward, which can be used for example to kill worms standing on thin terrain very close to the water. The grenade's precise positioning can also be adjusted to give the worm horizontal momentum.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • The grenade's bounce is often unpredictable on slanted surfaces, due to aliasing.
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